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Hassle-Free Event Management & Marketing Service

This robust and innovative SaaS event management tool helps you host public, private, and digital events, create a complete digital ticketing system, collect registrations for in-person events, process payments, create a checkout process, and more!


Easily create and promote your events from anywhere


Collect payments and manage registrations easily and effectively


Get real-time analytics on your event


Save time and hassle - focus on what matters most: putting on a great event!

Feel The Power

Kwivrr is a creator's dream come true! No more glitchy connections and time restraints when hosting events.

There are no more outrageous pricing models where the event management tool cuts into your profits.

Kwivrr features customizable marketing pages, allows you to sell from your website, pushes notifications, and is compatible with popular social media platforms.

Are you worried about ticket scanning?
Kwivrr solves this.

What about internal team access and permissions?
You have control!

Worried about link sharing of your private event? The dreaded link sharing is no longer a problem.

Kwivrr is fully integrated with other popular services like YouTube, Zoom, Vimeo, and more.

Click Click Boom

Painless Ticket Management

Your guests can easily manage their tickets leading up to your event - saving you time and hassle.

Ticket Upgrades?
Easy. Upgrading takes seconds.

No sweat. Tell us who should get the ticket and we'll take care of the rest.

Perks & Add-ons?
Simple. Elevate the experience in a moment. All you or your guests have to do is click and save.

A Personal Door Man For Your Digital Events

Built-In Link Protection

Rest easy knowing that your digital event is safe. There are no unlocked doors here. Kwivrr's built-in link protection ensures that only users with a ticket can see your event.

Once a user starts watching - their ticket is locked down. Even if someone with a ticket shares the link, nice try but we thought of that too.

The bottom line is: No ticket. No entry. Buh-bye now.

Set It And Forget It

Beautiful & Powerful Communications

Who needs a marketing team when you can schedule reminders, thank-yous, and announcements, based on each attendee's or potential guest's behaviors.

Plus, it's not canned messaging. It's your message and your voice.

You're sipping Mai Tai's on the beach while your attendees feel like they're getting one-on-one engagement.

Sip away, you legend - you deserve it.

Let The Numbers Do The Talking

Proving Your ROI

Review and analyze event metrics by ticket type, add-on, check-ins and more.

Know where you stand with easy to understand reporting available any time of the day from anywhere.

Attractive Service Fees

Practically Unbeatable

Kwivrr is completely complimentary to use! Fees only make an appearance when you're selling tickets and service fees are covered by your attendees!

Go little rockstar, there's nothing holding you back!